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Friday, July 18, 2014

Monhegan Island Day 3

What a fun day!
Tom showed Randall and me a great running loop this morning. I feel like I'm always traveling through fairy land here because of the lush foliage. 

Riding on a boat out to Monhegan Island, we got a real taste of the ocean and waves.
We were fortunate to have such a gorgeous day. No rain! 
The island is a little artist retreat 12 miles off the coast of Port Clyde. On the way we passed Henry Knox's mansion. He was one of Washington's trusted generals through the Revolution. We had wanted to go there yesterday, but it wasn't open on Wednesdays. 
 We saw some porpoises and these seals on the way out. 

Someone was trying not to get seasick. 
Once we arrived, we walked around the island. These artists are painting by the inn, the largest building on the island. 
Randall has become obsessed with lobsters. This was a great opportunity to have him stand next to a wall of lobster traps. 
One of the majestic views. 
Think this school would hire me?  :-). 
Kids standing on rock with plaque describing how Captain John Smith (yes, of Jamestown) went to the island. 
We hiked to the back of the island and took in incredible views before precariously going down to the rocks, eating lunch, basking in the sun, and enjoying listening to the the waves come up and crash into the rocks. Tom gave us a safety lesson and explained that the large crashing waves are much more prominent out in the ocean, rather than along the coast where all the harbors break them up. It was truly awesome!

The remaining hours were spent walking around the island, checking out the art, and taking in the views. 

Stunning vistas...

Old fog bell
We arrived an hour too late to walk up in the light house. :-( 
I love the charming homes in New England. 
The girls talked to these artists for a bit who are here with a class for a few days. 

My 6 kids for these few days. They had lots of fun together. 
On the trip back we shot through the gap of two private islands. One belongs to the  Wyeth family. The famed artists were N.C. and Andrew Wyeth. They keep much of the family art here and have a museum, but it is only open to the public one day a year. I don't understand this hoarding of beautiful art. 

The Wyeth home. 
The other island had a simple and beautiful Shaker style complex. 
We then made a little jaunt over to the most quintessential Maine lighthouse. 
I love these shots, even with the iPhone. 

Rebecca and I trying to be lighthouses. :-)
Then we went to Waterman's Lobster in South Thomiston for lobster, Maine style. The lobsters were shedding and thus, had soft, easy shells to crack. This was a real treat!

She didn't want to eat a lobster, but had fun playing with one. 

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