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Monday, July 21, 2014

John Adams Historical Site, Harvard and More

Though Randall has ridden on a subway/train before, this was the girls' first time. We hopped on this morning, after having breakfast at Dunkin Donuts, which there is one if on almost every corner in Boston.
I know, don't lecture me on the healthful qualities of this. We are on vacation. :-)
We headed to the John Adams Historical area, which includes the birthplaces of John and John Quincy. They are right next to each other. 
The upper window above the girls is the room where John was born. We could not go on the upper floor, but did see the lower floor, though we were not allowed to photograph.
 In this home, John started his law office and lived until 1783, after he helped negotiote the Treaty of Paris at the end of the Revolution. John Quincy was born here. It was undergoing restoration, but we were allowed inside. All of the furnishings in these two houses are replicas. 

While the Adamses were in France in 1783, they purchased this estate, which was on over 40 acres of farmland. John named it Peace-field, fitting for the time in which it was purchased, as John was helping to negotiate the peace terms after the Revolution. Abigail later had the house expanded. Four generations of Adamses lived here and then gave it to the government. Everything in there is original, including my favorite piece, John's personal secretary desk from which he corresponded for years, most famously with Thomas Jefferson. 

My favorite building, the library built by John's grandson Charles. He helped compile the writings of his father and grandfather and had this built to be more fireproof and protect the family library. The thousands of books are still in there and all cateloged. It is lovely. I adore old libraries. 
I would like my home to be called Peace-field. :-)
We too the train back all the way to Harvard. Not sure I felt smarter walking around campus. It was fun to see. 
John Harvard's statue is the 3rd most photographed statue in the U.S.  It is lucky to touch the toe. 
We then walked around the Cambridge area, went shopping in the college store and made a 2.5 mile walk back to our hotel. The weather was so gorgeous that it was fun. 
We relaxed in the Boston Public Garden before eating in China Town at a gourmet bun and dumpling place that Mom researched out on Trip Advisor. It was packed, and we had to wait, but it was worth it. The kids loved it. 
Much entertainment was found with the squirrels on this trip. 

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